Sometime you need somebody to write a letter for you....Who can write a letter that will get something done?  Send you letter and $5.00  to Daniel Mulligan general delivery Green Acres Florida 33467.  What do you have to loose?  Just $5 stinking dollars so give Dan a try... 2/14/2017 Currently expired!

1/19/2017 This offer is good no legal, no religious, no sex, .....letters.  But thankfully is only good for 20 more days.  2/17/17  You missed out EXPIRED.  Why are you so lazy you can't write your own silly stupid letters anyway....I wan ta hav fum?  Just kidding give me a call at 561-838-3559 dan

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2/2/17 NEW SCAM and or failure of our government to protect  USA Citizens.  It looks like the government wants people to be afraid to use the phone.  I wonder is this George Soros, DEMOREPUBrats,  and or ISIS  OR who likes to screw the USA Citizens right now?  2/14/17 Sadly most people are even afraid to talk they just TEXT...They seem to think that computors care?

SCAM ALERT: “Can You Hear Me?” Calls Reported in Arizona
For Immediate Release: February 02, 2017
Contact: Mia Garcia (602) 339-5895 or Mia.Garcia@azag.gov